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Cheating on cake stall day

I have 3 kids. I used to try to make treats for their cake stalls, but the kids always came home glum with most of my baking efforts not being sold. I've just had to face facts - I'm not a good baker. At least we have a brilliant bakery down the street. Now when the kids come home with a note that they have a cake stall day, I go to the bakery and buy some delicious and well-made treats that they can sell. It's not really cheating because I'm honest with everyone, but I know there are other parents in my situation who are also stressed about cake day. This blog is all about finding a bakery to provide cake stall treats.


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Cheating on cake stall day

Questions You Might Not Think to Ask Your Caterer

by Alice Larson

When arranging catering for any occasion, of course you'll know to ask if the company is available for that date and what they will charge for the menu, but you may not know what other questions to ask. Note a few subjects you might cover with a caterer so your event's food service is everything you expect.

Ask if they set the table

If your event will be a seated meal, first ask someone at the venue if they will provide plates and flatware. If not, you need to ask the caterer if they will provide these; even if they do, they may not actually set the table! Whatever the case, ask about this for your event, or you may wind up with stacks of plates and no one to actually put them on the tables for you.

Ask if they provide vendor meals

If you have vendors at your event, including wait staff, bartenders, event organizers and the like, they may need to have a break and a meal during the event. Your caterer may provide that meal for them, and it's often assumed that these vendors will eat in the kitchen, out of sight of the guests. However, you do need to ask about this, as some caterers won't have provisions for this added meal, or won't be onsite long enough to accommodate these breaks. They also may not be accustomed to vendors eating in the kitchen while they're trying to work.

Ask about leftovers

In a restaurant, leftovers are often bagged up and taken home by the person who paid for the meal, but this may not be the case with caterers; after a wedding, for example, the bride and groom may be off to their honeymoon and so will have no way of taking home those leftovers! Bagging up leftovers also means more work for the caterers, as well as refrigerator space to store them. If you want to bring leftovers home with you, always ask about this before the event, to ensure the proper provisions are made.

Ask about the gratuity

If your catering company will include staff who will be waiting on guests, it may be appropriate to provide them with a gratuity or tip. The same is true if the catering company will have a bartender or anyone else who attends a certain station for the event. Ask if this gratuity is added to the bill, so you know if a gratuity should be given after the event or even by guests throughout the event.