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Cheating on cake stall day

I have 3 kids. I used to try to make treats for their cake stalls, but the kids always came home glum with most of my baking efforts not being sold. I've just had to face facts - I'm not a good baker. At least we have a brilliant bakery down the street. Now when the kids come home with a note that they have a cake stall day, I go to the bakery and buy some delicious and well-made treats that they can sell. It's not really cheating because I'm honest with everyone, but I know there are other parents in my situation who are also stressed about cake day. This blog is all about finding a bakery to provide cake stall treats.


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Cheating on cake stall day


Enjoying pastries for Eid

Eid, the celebration at the end of Ramadan, is traditionally celebrated by large shared meals with family and friends. It is common to include pastries such as baklava or date-filled pastries to eat at the end of the meal.  Here are some simple pastry recipes you can try for Eid.  Ma'amoul Ma'amoul is a simple dish where pastry is wrapped around a pitted date then baked at a low heat. It is a traditional option in Middle-Eastern Eid celebrations.